Projecting Near-Term Groundwater Pumping Energy Use and Costs in California to Improve Energy and Water Systems Reliability

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)'s Energy Technologies Area has been awarded California Energy Commission Electric Program Investment Charge funding [EPC-15-035] to estimate groundwater pumping energy use and costs in California. Outcomes of the project will enable stakeholders, such as groundwater pumpers, utilities, water planners, and the State, to develop robust projections of statewide energy use and costs associated with groundwater pumping, as well as strategies to reduce groundwater pumping energy. This expanded knowledge will be invaluable to more cohesive water-energy planning efforts across California, particularly in light of more prevalent prolonged drought conditions, electricity demand increases, and variable electricity supply.

Surveys of groundwater users: If you are a grower or an employee of a water supplier in the state of California, and would like to participate in a short survey of your experience with the energy needed to pump groundwater, use the buttons below.

UPDATE 04/19/19: These surveys are now closed to new responses. The research team is currently preparing its report for the California Energy Commission, and will make it available here upon completion in summer 2019. If you have questions about this survey or the larger project, please contact us at, (510) 486-6839 [Heidi Fuchs, Survey Lead], or (510) 495-2865 [Helcio Blum, Project Lead].

Technical Advisory Committee members are from the following organizations:

  • California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • California Department of Water Resources
  • California Energy Commission
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • California State Water Resources Control Board
  • City of Fresno
  • City of Santa Rosa
  • Irrigation Training & Research Center, California Polytechnic State University
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Pacific Institute
  • PowWow Energy
  • Regional Water Authority
  • San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California Cooperative Extension
  • University of California, Davis
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • U.S. Department of Energy