Survey of Farms & Ranches in California

Groundwater pumping may significantly affect growers’ energy costs. As part of a California Energy Commission-funded research project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory wants to hear directly from growers—via a short survey—about their experiences with the energy needed to pump groundwater. To learn more about the larger project, click here.

Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. We hope to understand more about the conditions you face on the ground so we can accurately convey your experiences with pumping groundwater to policymakers. We will be asking you some questions about your reliance on groundwater, past and planned well operation practices, and barriers to lowering the energy needed to pump groundwater. Results from this survey may inform future efforts to reduce energy use and costs for growers.

Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous. The survey software will not capture any personally identifiable information, including IP address. Individual anonymous responses will be stored in a secure location accessed only by a few authorized LBNL researchers, and will not be made public in any form. In publicly available reports, results will only be presented in aggregated form.

UPDATE 04/19/19: This survey is now closed to new responses. The research team is currently preparing its report for the California Energy Commission, and will make it available here upon completion in summer 2019. If you have questions about this survey or the larger project, please contact us at, (510) 486-6839 [Heidi Fuchs, Survey Lead], or (510) 495-2865 [Helcio Blum, Project Lead].